Whether you are ready to move up or preparing to downsize, selling your home can be a hard decision to make. Once you make that choice, knowing how to start the process can be overwhelming. I have provided some information here that will aid you through the home selling process. Each home is different, and each sale is different, so these steps are just to get your mind thinking along the lines of a seller. When you are ready to meet, we will go over the specific plan for your home. Connect with me now

Staging your Home

Staging your home, inside and out, could be the key to getting your home sold. Most buyers form their impression of your home in the first few seconds that they see the home. Make sure your house is ready for the buyer to fall in love with it. Watch this great video to find out my top 3 tips to get your house ready to sell!

Looking for more ideas?   Here are some great ideas to prepare your home for sale.

What is the best way to sell your home?

Technology is improving on a daily basis, so what is the best way to get your house sold?  Well, it depends. As your Realtor, I will access your house and your situation and determine the best marketing strategy to get your home sold. Not all technology is for all sales.

What do I mean?  Find out here!

We have a buyer - now what?

We have a contract! The words you have been waiting to hear. But what in the world is Earnest Money? What is Due Diligence? Help!!!

Check this out!

So we have found a buyer for your home! Now what happens?  Well, inspections are next. Inspections are their own entire beast – so I have created an entire page to help you navigate inspections and make sure you have the best results possible.  Check it out!

We made it - time to Close!!!

You made it through, and you are now ready to close! So what can you expect as far as cost to close?  Don’t worry, I have you covered!  Check out these closing costs explained.